LIVELINE is a national Top 40 weeknight show which is 100% live and 100% audience interactive. Fast moving and music intensive, every hour showcases listener phone calls, features, fun contests and prizes, superstar interviews, and the biggest Top 40 hits driven by in-depth music research and live listener song requests.

LIVELINE was created by John Garabedian, who throughout his 35+ year career in national Top 40 broadcasting has created compelling programming which achieved dominant ratings in nearly every major market (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, DC, Detroit, Miami, Philadelohia, Phoenix, and San Francisco are just a few). After successfully creating, producing, and hosting the first national live Top 40 program for 30 years, Garabedian discovered radio’s next big star personality, Mason.

Mason is an entertainer. He’s a rare charismatic and compelling air talent who is a Gen Z, right in the core of Top 40’s target audience. Mason is social-media savvy, up on all the latest trends, celebrity gossip and hot new artists. He is real, relatable and open with the audience, a charismatic mix of exciting, edgy and endearing. Mason bonds with the listeners in his outstanding ability to story-tell, engage listeners in live phone calls, and sell the music.

LIVELINE creates major “FOMO” (fear of missing out) with numerous benchmarks every hour.

As Top 40 radio in many markets has lost entertainment value and energy, it has devolved into a music jukebox. The result? Radio has lost younger listeners to commercial-free streaming services which offer playlists personalized to each listener. Unlike all competing national Top 40 night shows, LIVELINE is music-intensive and fast paced, not a gabby talk-show.

Above all, listeners feel like they’re connected live to the real world as listeners call with song requests and real-time comments on what they’re experiencing (a party in Alabama, a traffic jam in Massachusetts, a festival in Montana, or prom in Nebraska). Though tightly formatted, LIVELINE has a fun “loosey-goosey” anything-can-happen informal feel.

LIVELINE sounds local. Your station branding IDs play between every song with our sophisticated IT integration with your automation. Many listeners will swear callers across the country are listening to your station because it sounds like you are broadcasting nationwide.

COMPARE: The music lines right up with your playlist. Only the biggest, most popular hits, highly researched, with the same currents and recurrents you play all day is hand-programmed LIVE – something no music scheduling software can match. Because they are done live, even the segues are exquisite!

Top 40 radio continues to lose audience to commercial-free music streaming services, which offer personalized playlists. Top 40 stations trying to win this battle with generic music and voicetracks are failing.

LIVELINE was created to reverse this trend by giving listeners entertaining and compelling content they can love.


FORMAT: Top 40, Hot AC

DEMO: A18-49

LENGTH: 5-Hour Evening Show

FEATURED MARKETS: Albuquerque, Reno, Peoria, Tallahassee

FEATURES | SERVICES: Sponsorable Video Content. Exclusive Celebrity Interviews. Sponsorable Segments. Live Reads and Endorsements.