StreamStats™ is a proprietary research tool from Bridge Ratings Media Research that provides market, station, and audience-based on-demand streaming data that is associated with P1 core listeners for fully comprehensive music research.

StreamStats’ delivers insights that are not available from call-out research or auditorium tests. While pure stream counts are a basic indicator of popularity, StreamStats extends its research to include passion scores, which dig into the number of repeat plays of a song over a rolling 30-day period. Additionally, StreamStats sources data from the extremely important primary, or P1 radio format listeners – a differentiating factor from other music streaming charts.

Better understanding of the relationship between streaming and radio listening behaviors is helping StreamStats’ affiliates properly align their on-air playlists with the true song consumption of their audience in their specific markets.

Bridge Ratings’ streaming data is collected through the volume of streams per platform. Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and others contribute data points to StreamStats’ charts. Lifegroup profiles are also taken into consideration.