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Imaging ChopShop

Imaging ChopShop is a turnkey, fully-produced voice over and imaging solution.

As the only voice and production resource that offers fully produced voice and imaging on a barter basis for radio, Imaging ChopShop is the creation of leading industry voice talent/imaging producer AJ (KDWB/Minneapolis, KDMX/Dallas, KRBE/Houston, WIAD/Washington, DC) and legendary Los Angeles programmer and BitXchange prep creator Mike Marino (KHHT-FM and KYSR-FM/Los Angeles.)

Imaging ChopShop stations receive one page of fully produced imaging weekly voiced by a team of radio’s best voice and production talents who have been featured collectively in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Discovery Channel, Subway, Comcast, Mazda and more!


FORMAT: All Formats

DEMO: A18-49 & 25-54

LENGTH: Weekly

FEATURED MARKETS: Denver, Chicago, Pittsburgh

FEATURES | SERVICES: Format Exclusive. Delivered Digitally. Dry Voice Files of the Produced Sessions. Quick 48 Hour Turnaround.